Onyx Key

Unlock up to 128 Universes

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The ONYX Key is an encrypted USB dongle to unlock up to 128 Universes of DMX control on any PC system. This compact key carries the full ONYX license that is instantly recognized by the ONYX software. No online connectivity or activation is required. The ONYX key can be used on any PC and is not registered to a specific hardware. Drivers are pre-installed with ONYX, making this key plug and play. The ONYX Key is a great solution for users on the go, as a back-up systems or to build powerful PC systems for architainment applications.

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128 Universe ONYX license
USB 2.0 compact housing with security loop
Pre-activated license
Plug and Play, no additional drivers required
Encrypted USB 2.0 device

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Produsent Elation Professional BV