PC Scuba 2x0,14qmm, Fanout

LK connector, 12/00, LK F, HICON XLR

Varenr: SU5A-M12/00-0120
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For the construction of these splices we use our highly flexible QUANTUM multipair cable with single insulated and shielded wire pairs. On the XLR side we use high-grade connectors with numbered rings from HICON and NEUTRIK; alternatively we also offer a version with NEUTRIK Convertcons on the returns.

14,40 m Patch & Microphone Cable SC-Scuba 14; 2 x 0,14 mm²; PVC Ø 3,80 mm; black (200-0311)

1 x HICON Round LK, arrangement 28-21, size 16, 37-pole , metal-, Cable socket, bayonet husk, black (HI-LK037FV)
1 x HICON Round-LK 37 female (CIR28), Cover cap, Bajonet, black (HI-LKCAP-F37)
1 x Sommer cable Protective Bag for Round plug HI-LK up to 54-pole HI-SOCA 19-pole, subsequent assembly possible, grey (BAG-LKM-O)

12 x HI-X3CM-G-WOB
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Kanaler 12/00
Produsent Sommer Cable
Type LK37 Hicon