DA12.2 Professional high-end amplifier. DA12.2 Professional high-end amplifier.


Professional high-end amplifier.

Varenr: DA12.2
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2 × 1200W@8ohm stereo, 2 × 1800W@4ohm stereo, 2ohm stereo stable. DA12.2 offers 1200 watts at 8O stereo. Each channel works at 2O to satisfy all requirements.DA12.2 series adopts Audiocenter latest Class H+ circuitry to eliminate the Class H cross switching distortion.DA12.2 series is the best choice for the audiophiles. Audiocenter won’t make any compromise on the sound quality of professional amplifiers. DA12.2 adopts carefully designed linear power supply system and toroidal transformer, selected components like audiophile Wima capacitors, Rubycon capacitors, Onsemi transistors, Neutrik® connectors and Belden audio wires, etc. High quality materials and technology ensure clear and clean sound with a high damping factor. This makes DA12.2 series suitable for any kind of application, from high power loudspeakers to critical monitoring where crystal clear highs are mandatory. It is widely used in concert, stadium, odeum, entertainment center, theater, etc.
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