K-LA118A Single 18" flyable subwoofer K-LA118A Single 18" flyable subwoofer


Single 18" flyable subwoofer

Varenr: K-LA118A
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Single 18" flyable subwoofer with BrainCoreTM DSP application technology. Customized Audiocenter ferrite driver. RMS Power: 1600W. Max SPL: 138dB. K-LA118A Active DSP-controlled Subwoofer is a compact and flyable sub to pack with K-LA12A active line array.K-LA118A is with Audiocenter customized 18” ferrite driver with 4’’ voice coil. It’s also a good choice to pack with all other Audiocenter full range speakers. The K-LA118A is with front loaded double opening design and dual LF output. With 6th order band pass filter function, the cabinet design of K-LA118A can improve LF performance.
Teknisk info


Amplifier Circuitry Class D
Calculated SPL/1M 139dB
Connector NEUTRIK®
Dimensjoner(W×H×D) 693×500×794mm
Frequency Response 31Hz-250Hz
LF/MF Driver Beyma ferrite driver, 4” voice coil
Power 2000W
Presets Normal,Cardioid F,Cardioid B
  • DC protection
  • Input overload protection
  • Output overload protection
  • Overheat protection
  • Overvoltage protection
  • Short circuit protection
  • Soft startup protection
  • Undervoltage
Type Compact Subwoofer
Weight 54.0Kg