K-LA210-DSP Tre-veis delt, dobbel 10" og stort horn K-LA210-DSP Tre-veis delt, dobbel 10" og stort horn K-LA210-DSP Tre-veis delt, dobbel 10" og stort horn


Tre-veis delt, dobbel 10" og stort horn

Varenr: K-LA210-DSP
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K-LA210-DSP, an active DSP-controlled line array speaker, is designed for high requirements of touring performance, rental and fixed installation. The HF driver of K-LA210-DSP is customized Beyma driver with composite membrane (2.84”voice coil), and the LF driver are two customized Beyma 10”drivers (2.5”voice coil). User Selectable 3 presets (Linear,HFX,W/SUB) in K-LA210-DSP are available for the users to choose according to different environments and music styles. K-LA210-DSP system can be used as main PA system with 3 cabinets minimum and 16 cabinets maximum per array.K-LA210-DSP can be suspended vertically. The integrated hardware with innovative fast lock mechanics built-in to the cabinet with high intensity 9.5mm pins make installation easy and convenient. The system can be combined in modularization according to the coverage angle of place, which can meet the requirements of different applications. For those places where the system can not be flied, there are customized frames suitable for ground stacking (maximum 4 cabinets) to meet different requirements of installation and reinforcement environment.Beyma driver. Russia plywood.
Teknisk info


Amplifier Circuitry Class D
Angle Adjustment 0°, 1°, 2°, 3°, 4°, 6°, 8°, 10°
Calculated SPL/1M 133dB
Connector NEUTRIK®
Dimensjoner(W×H×D) 742×302×695mm
Frequency Response 57Hz-20KHz
HF Driver Beyma ferrite driver, 1.75” voice coil
Horizontal Coverage Angle 100°
LF/MF Driver Beyma ferrite driver, 2.5” voice coil
Power 1600W
Presets Linear, HFX, W/SUB
  • DC protection
  • Input overload protection
  • Output overload protection
  • Overheat protection
  • Overvoltage protection
  • Short circuit protection
  • Soft startup protection
  • Undervoltage
Type Line Array
Weight 38.5Kg