LDR CANTO 1200MSR FF Iris og mek.dimmer, SORT


Iris og mek.dimmer, SORT

Varenr: A10857580
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The Canto® 1200msr FF is an efficient, lightweight and extremely powerful followspot, ideal for all medium to long-throw applications. The MSR filling of the lamp guarantees pure, white light, whereas the short arc provides high beam intensity for professional entertainment lighting. The Canto® 1200msr FF features a new, extremely efficient and reliable electronic ballast, lamp position adjustment from the side and a newly designed iris diaphragm. The Canto® 1200msr FF is delivered complete with 20-leaf iris, mechanical dimmer, separate, electronic ballast unit and spigot. The kit version also includes lamp, fitted colour changer, black tripod and flight case.

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