Power-Tiny Mini fog generator 400 Watt Power-Tiny Mini fog generator 400 Watt


Mini fog generator 400 Watt

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The Power Tiny is a 400 W, battery powered, handheld fog generator. It is the largest of the battery powered “Tiny” series. The Power Tiny’s size, variable output, wired, wireless and DMX controllability make it a very popular, compact effect solution. It comes with battery, charger, and a 250 ml bottle of Tiny Fluid.

Power Tiny Stand-Alone comes with 250 ml bottle of fluid and 250 ml fluid reservoir.


The Power-Tiny is the new battery-operated fog generator from Look Solutions. It completes the range of the off-mains operated machines (Tiny- Fogger and Tiny Compact) perfectly and fills the gap between high flexibility and powerful fog output. In the world of theatre, film, TV- and photogra- phers, musicals and special effects, air flow and air tightness testing – everywhere where fog is needed quickly and efficiently, the Power-Tiny is the perfect alternative to normal fog generators.


  • Minimal heat-up time
    Due to the heat-up time of only one second the Power-Tiny is ready-to-use on site.
  • Light weight and small dimensions
    The light weight (5.6 kg) and the small dimensions (L=22.3, W=10, H=21 cm) makes the machine useable for mobile uses.
  • Adjustable output
    The output of the Power-Tiny can be adjusted with an adjusting knob. The release button is built into the grip. Thus, a comfortable one-hand operation is possible.
  • Microprocessor controlled
    The heart of this machine is a microprocessor which controls and supervises all important functions. This guarantees a continuous and safe running of the generator.

250 hours stand-by time
Because of an intelligent control mechanism the battery supplies energy only when necessary. Thus the operation time is considerably increased – the stand-by time is 250 hours.

With one battery 10 minutes of continuous output or up to 150 x 5 seconds bursts can be produced. When the battery is flat it has to be recharged with the supplied charger.

As an option a battery pack is available (battery complete with housing, PCB and fuses).

The fog generator can easily be disconnected from the battery and can be connected to the new battery quickly.

  • Minimal fluid consumption
    A special fluid ensures that dense fog is produced with the lowest of fluid consumption.
  • Control
    The Power-Tiny is equipped with a 3pin-XLR-socket for analog (0 – 10V) control. An XLR-remote as well as a wireless radio remote can be connected (both as an option).

With a DMX-converter (DMXit) the machine can be controlled via DMX 512.

With the optional Timer (TIMEit) a fog and wait time can be programmed in.

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