Halogen High Voltage CP73 6994Z 2000W G38 240V

Halogen High Voltage CP73

6994Z 2000W G38 240V

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Halogen High Voltage SE (Film/Studio)

6994Z 2000W G38 240V

The high, constant output and consistent color temperature of these single ended halogen lamps ensure attractive, accurately exposed pictures for both film and video. Furthermore, these lamps incorporate the highly innovative P3 technology, developed by Philips. This allows the lamps to be used at higher temperatures, which extends overall lifetime and consistency of their high-quality light output. P3 technology also allows the lamp to be used in any burning position and enables more compact designs of fixtures. In addition, the very wide choice of dimensions and power ratings opens new levels of creative freedom for the luminaire designer.

Teknisk info


Kelvin/color 3200K
Lumens 50000
Sokkel G38 Mogul Bipost
Volt 240
Watt 2000W