PEGASUS Multicore  4x4x0,20qmm Profesjonell studiokabel.

PEGASUS Multicore 4x4x0,20qmm

Profesjonell studiokabel.

Varenr: 100-0501-04
244,-eks. mva
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PEGASUS Multicore 2x4x0,20qmm Profesjonell studiokabel.
PEGASUS Multicore  4x4x0,20qmm Profesjonell studiokabel.
PEGASUS Multicore 8x4x0,20qmm Profesjonell studiokabel.
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Reaching for the stars...

We have gone the extra mile with this cable and created a high-end multipair which may well be the best which is currently available on the market. It's the multipair for the ambitious studio professional who's not used to compromise on linearity and shielding. For sound optimization the two opposite wires are combined in crossover mode. In doing so we achieve the incredibly low wire/wire capacitive value of approx. 37 pF and thus an almost loss-free transmission even with excess lengths. If connected in crossover, the SC-Pegasus CMCK is even digitally suitable (AES/EBU 110 Ω)! A tight stranding technology, tuned for linearity, and fine OFC copper wires with a diameter of 0,05 mm ensure a homogeneous, pure sound image, high bending cycles and outstanding durability. The SC-Pegasus CMCK offers a shielding well above the requirements which are normally made on a high-end multipair. It has been fitted with an overall screen plus a screen per channel with an optical coverage of 100 % each. The overall screen consists of a Cu wire mesh, and the shielding per channel is made of a Cu braid with an extra conductive aluminzed foil. Thereby the SC-Pegasus CMCK is not only protected against external interferences, the wire pairs are also perfectly insulated and shielded against each other. With the SC-Pegasus CMCK you will acquire for years to come the absolute reference on the cable market, knowing that from now on you'll only have to take care of your music and your mix.


  • Homogenous, linear sound image
  • Low-loss transmission and perfect shielding
  • Absolutely superb technical and electrical data
  • Digital-capable (with crossover connection!)


  • Ultimate studio reference
  • High-quality permanent installation
  • Construction of high-end stagebox systems
Teknisk info


Application Multipair
Application area
  • Installation
  • Mobile outdoor / indoor
  • Stage / live
  • Studio / Broadcast
BPVo-Euroclass Fca
Colour black
Colour detailed black
Conductor insulation material Foam/Skin-PE
Jacket material S-PVC
Kanaler 04
Materiale PVC
Packing bulk stock
  • Analog
  • Digital 110 Ohm AES / EBU
  • OFC oxygen free copper
Shielding Copper braiding tin-plated
Signal transmission symmetrical
Style variant round