Microphone Cable SC-MICRO DUO ARAMID 2 x 0,14 mm², S-PVC

Microphone Cable SC-MICRO DUO ARAMID

2 x 0,14 mm², S-PVC

Varenr: 200-0171
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All good things come from above…

unless it’s a falling microphone! To avoid future collateral damages at concert recordings, we have developed the new twin-pair SC-MICRO DUO ARAMID . It’s the perfect solution for surround and multi-channel recordings, especially when the microphone is hanging from the ceiling or the cable is exposed to strong tensile forces. To absorb the weight of the microphones, fillers made of braided aramid fibers have been incorporated as an extra strain relief. Compared to a steel rope, these have no negative influence on the electrical properties (e.g. the attenuation). Thus the SC-MICRO DUO ARAMID shines with a low capacitance, it is AES/EBU and DMX capable (110 ohms) and, due to its concentrically braided OFC wires, ensures an optimized, neutral transmission.


  • Aramid reinforcement for extra strain relief (max. tensile strength: 100 kg/total, 30 kg/Kevlar bundle)
  • Very supple, cold flexible and drumable
  • Available as neutral connection (without overprint): 200-0171NE
  • Very low capacitance


  • High-quality microphone cable for surround recordings (ceiling mount)
  • High-quality cable for studio connections
  • Robust cable for audio looms and line connections
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