BINARY 42 DMX-Kabel 4-adrig/ sort DMX Binary 422 TP DMX512; 4 x 0,22 mm

BINARY 42 DMX-Kabel 4-adrig/ sort

DMX Binary 422 TP DMX512; 4 x 0,22 mm

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and this in one jacket! To minimize the diameter or to save space, AES/EBU or DMX cables are normally wired in crossover mode as is the case with our BINARY 434 cable. In the worst case the wires can move a little under extremely tough use, which might result in a slightly wider tolerance range of the electrical data. To be on the safe side, one can now go for the somewhat more sophisticated version, where the two wire pairs are shielded individually and once again insulated from each other by an AL/PT foil. Of course, the cable will thereby grow a little in diameter which, however, will give the cable additional stability. The new Binary 422 TP DMX512 (TWISTED PAIR) is delivered in a cold resistant and notch-proof S-PVC jacket. With its double shielding (AL/PT foil + Cu braid) and the wire coding it complies with the generally applicable regulations (VDE 0812/VDE 0207). Transfer speed 256 Kbs pursuant to EIA 485.


  • Digital transmission over long distances due to the DMX and AES/EBU standards
  • Excellent protection against electric interference (Cu mesh screen + AL/PT foil)
    plus Twisted Pair design
  • Extremely robust due to the special tough jacket


  • Networking of scanners and lighting systems with check-back function
  • Connection of digital control units and devices of all kinds
  • S-PVC jacket for mobile outdoor applications
Teknisk info


Application DMX
Application area
  • ELA 100 V
  • Installation
  • Mobile outdoor / indoor
  • Stage / live
  • Studio / Broadcast
BPVo-Euroclass Fca
Colour black
Colour detailed black
Farge Sort
Jacket material FRNC
Materiale FRNC
Packing 100 m spool
  • Analog
  • Digital 110 Ohm AES / EBU
  • OFC oxygen free copper
Shielding Copper-cross mesh, tined + AL / PT foil
Signal transmission symmetrical
Style variant round
UV-resistant Yes