SC-Vector Plus, 12G-SDI 1x1,30, sort Digital HD/UHD-SDI 4K.

SC-Vector Plus, 12G-SDI 1x1,30, sort

Digital HD/UHD-SDI 4K.

Varenr: 600-0131
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The eye of an eagle …

has a resolution about 3 to 4 times higher than that of the human eye. Thus the 12G UHD-SDI transmission standard enables such high visual resolutions that the human eye cannot distinguish them any more from the original scene. Owing to its compact diameter of 8 mm (0.31 in.) and the optimized shielding construction, the VECTOR 1.3/5.7 has extremely low attenuation values which so far have only been known from much thicker cables. For the conductor we use a silver-plated solid wire with ultra low tolerances, embedded in a gas-injected (skin/gas/skin) insulation which is smoothed both inside and out. The triple shielding, which consists of two robust, elastic AL/PTE foils and a tight, tin-plated copper braid with 95 % coverage, prevents from interference and impact on the electrical values. These high-class parameters ensure a perfect and error-free transmission of the SDI (520 m / 1,706 ft.), 6G-SDI- (up to about 140 m / 460 ft.) and 12G-UHD-SDI- (up to 100 m / 328 ft.) standards. The robust outer jacket consists of a cold flexible, durable and UV resistant S-PVC.


  • Triple shielding with 100% coverage
  • Extremely durable and temperatur resistant components (silver-plated wires, smoothed insulation, UV resistant jacket)
  • Super low attenuation and so thin


  • Digital HD/UHD-SDI 4K long-distance transmission
  • Connections for radio, broadcasting and surveillance technology, cables for stadium building and generally for sports events
  • Ideal broadband, antenna and video cable
Teknisk info


Application video cable
Application area
  • ELA 100 V
  • Installation
  • Mobile outdoor / indoor
  • Studio / Broadcast
AWG (video) 16
BPVo-Euroclass Eca
Capacity wire/electic screen at 1m (video) [pF] 53
Colour black
Colour detailed black
Conductor insulation material Foam / Skin-PE
Conductor insulation Ø 5,7
Conductor resistance per 1 km 13
Damping at 100 MHz (100m & 20° C) [dB] 4,8
Damping at 1000 MHz (100m & 20° C) [dB] 16,1
Damping at 12000 MHz (100m & 20° C) [dB] 64,5
Damping at 1485 MHz (100m & 20° C) [dB] 20,1
Damping at 2150 MHz (100m & 20° C) [dB] 25,3
Damping at 3000 MHz (100m & 20° C) [dB] 29,8
Damping at 5 MHz (100m & 20° C) [dB] 1,2
Damping at 50 MHz (100m & 20° C) [dB] 3,5
Damping at 6000 MHz (100m & 20° C) [dB] 42,7
EAN 4049371409742
Farge Grønn
Height [mm] 8,1
Impedance 75
Inner conductor (video) 1
Inner conductor Ø (video) [mm] 1,3
Jacket material PVC
Jacket Ø [mm] 8,1
Materiale PVC
Name SC-Vector PLUS 1.3/5.7 4K
Number of Channels (video) 1
Packing bulk stock
  • 12G-SDI UHD 4K
  • 3G-SDI
  • 6G-SDI
  • Analog
  • Digital 75 Ohm
  • OFC oxygen free copper
  • SDI
Shield. resistance per 1 km 6,2
Shielding AL foil + Cu mesh, tinned + 2nd AL foil
Shielding factor [%] 100
Style variant round
Temperature max. [°C] 80
Temperature min. [°C] -10
Velocity factor 0,84
Weight per 1 m [g] 90
Width [mm] 8,1